Five Year Professional Development Portfolio

The portfolio is the only one of its kind in Australia and has been created to help educators and teachers track and record their professional goals and achievements.

It is an invaluable resource that will allow educators and teachers to plan and expand their professional learning, whilst aligning that development to regulatory professional standards.

About the portfolio

The colour printed portfolio features 214 pages and eight different sections, including:

– Professional responsibilities
– Statement of philosophy
– Professional development plan
– Reflections of professional development plan
– Continuous professional development
– Professional development attended
– Six different professional development logs
– Five year perpetual calendar that represents a visual program of your professional development.

The portfolio also includes a high-quality sleeve to store certificates and receipts.

The portfolio will

– Provide evidence of your commitment to continuous professional development
– Allow you to identify, plan, participate, reflect and manage your own professional development
– Provide evidence of your continuing professional development achievements and your aim of maximising your full potential as an educator and teacher
– Compliment your CV as you progress on your journey as an educator and teacher.

Portfolio orders

Price: Introductory price of $69.95 (including GST and postage within Australia)
Delivery: The first delivery is expected late January 2018.
Purchase: To order the portfolio, click here

Portfolios will be available until sold out.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the portfolio, please email: portfolios@committedtochildcareconferences.com

We also welcome enquiries from large providers and can customise our portfolio to reflect individual companies vision, mission and core values.

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