Committed to Childcare Conferences

Since launching in 2015 we always maintained the same vision – to create conferences out of need, not out of habit.

We are using our two decades of experience in education, to step outside the square and bring a fresh approach to education conferences in Australia.

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Upcoming events

Mental health diagnosis in children
This NESA accredited webinar will discuss mental health diagnosis in children from 3 to 11 years.
18 and 25 August 2022

Vicarious trauma
How teachers, educators and other professionals who work with children and young people can recognise, support and work towards preventing vicarious trauma.
1 September 2022

Informed, sensitive and responsive trauma practices
This NESA accredited online workshop will help you gain a better understanding of trauma within educational environments.
October and November 2022

Distressed behaviour in children
This NESA accredited webinar will help you understand and support children with distressed behaviour in early learning and primary school
14 October 2022

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