Committed to Childcare Conferences

Since launching in 2015 we always maintained the same vision – to create conferences out of need, not out of habit.

We are using our two decades of experience in education, to step outside the square and bring a fresh approach to education conferences in Australia.

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Upcoming events in 2023

The effect of traumatic experiences on childhood attachment styles
This NESA accredited online workshop will discuss the key role teachers and school staff play in both repairing and maintaining secure child/teacher attachments.
3 March 2023

Mental health diagnosis in children
This NESA accredited webinar will discuss mental health diagnosis in children from 3 to 11 years.
31 March 2023

Vicarious trauma
How teachers, educators and other professionals who work with children and young people can recognise, support and work towards preventing vicarious trauma within their organisation.
April 2023

Informed, sensitive and responsive trauma practices
This NESA accredited online workshop will help you gain a better understanding of trauma within educational environments.
May and June 2023

Adolescent attachment and mental health in a high school setting
This NESA accredited professional learning will focus on how attachment and mental health conditions present in a high school setting.
Friday 26 May 2023

How Finland cultivates the joy of teaching and learning
Bestselling author, Timothy D. Walker of Teach Like Finland will share his teaching experiences inside the Finnish education system, share practical tips and easy to implement classroom strategies for cultivating 21st century skills in students.
25 July 2023

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