Upcoming Events

Committed to Childcare conferences hosts webinars and in-person conferences for educators, teachers, support workers and organisations who work with children and young people in Australia.

Upcoming events 2023

Team professional development sessions

We offer a range of personalised professional development sessions designed to enhance your team’s knowledge and skills. These sessions are ideal for school teams seeking to further their professional and personal growth.

Conferences, seminars and professional development presentations by Committed to Childcare Conferences

If cancellation, of any of the above, is forced by a party other than the management of Committed to Childcare Conferences, the event will be rescheduled or relocated.

These changes will be communicated to you, in a timely manner, through the contact email address that you have provided with your booking.

We encourage participants who are attending any of our presentations that are rescheduled, relocated or cancelled to communicate with us directly via our email address info@committedtochildcareconferences.com.

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