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At Committed to Childcare Conferences, we offer a range of personalised professional development sessions designed to enhance your teams knowledge and skills. These sessions are ideal for school teams seeking to further their professional and personal growth.

Each session is delivered online and will go for 90 minutes. It can be scheduled at a time that suits you and your team.

Learn more about some of the sessions we offer below.

Team professional development sessions

The effect of trauma on brain development

What is trauma? According to Dan Siegel, trauma is an experience that overwhelms our coping capacity, leaving us feeling helpless and without the resources to manage the situation.

In this session, we delve into how trauma impacts the development, survival, regulation, emotions, and cognition of children and adolescents. We also explore how impaired brain development resulting from trauma affects their engagement in educational settings.

The Polyvagal Theory – Fight, Flight, Freeze

The Polyvagal Theory reveals that when children and adolescents face danger or threat, they instinctively seek out safe spaces and trusted individuals.

This session investigates the various responses triggered by the Polyvagal theory: Freeze (body collapse), Flight (movement away) and Fight (movement towards). Gain insights into how the nervous systems of young individuals cope with threats and understand their implications within an educational environment.

The Karpman Drama Triangle

Rescuer, victim and persecutor is the formation of the Karpman Drama Triangle. This model portrays social interactions involving a victim, persecutor, and rescuer, which can manifest in early learning centres and classrooms alike.

This presentation will raise awareness about the drama triangle and equip you with the skills to:

  • not step into the triangle.
  • how to step out of the triangle, if you’re already part of it.
  • be aware of how the roles people take within the triangle can switch easily.
  • how to talk to colleagues who may, unknowingly be taking a role within the triangle.

Vicarious Trauma

Uncover the dynamics of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout. We shed light on the physical, behavioral, emotional, and psychological warning signs.

During the presentation, we will explore individual risk and resilience factors, as well as wellness and self-care practices for all teams. This session will discuss strategies for bolstering team resilience, enhancing communication skills, and fostering optimism that will contribute toward building a successful support network within your organisation.

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We are dedicated to meeting the unique professional development needs of your team. Apart from our professional development courses, we can also tailor presentations to match your organisation’s requirements.

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